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5 Budget-Friendly Home Decor Ideas You Can Do This Weekend

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Tired of the same old space but don’t have a ton of cash or renovation skills?

We’ve got you covered!

This weekend, give your home a fresh feel with these easy and affordable DIY projects.

1. The Power of Paint (No, Not Just the Walls)

  • Thrift store makeover: Hit up your local thrift shop and nab a tired-looking picture frame, tray, or even a small side table. A fresh coat of paint in a bold color can transform them into stylish accents.
  • Kitchen cabinet refresh: Ditch outdated cabinet colors for a more modern update. A little sanding, primer, and paint will do wonders! Hardware stores often have sample pots, perfect for this.
  • Statement vase: Upcycle a plain glass vase or jar with textured spray paint. Think stone effects or a bright metallic pop. Fill with dried flowers for budget-friendly, long-lasting beauty.

2. Textiles to Transform

  • Pillow power: No-sew pillow covers are a game-changer! Grab old t-shirts, tablecloths, or even tea towels with funky patterns. Fabric glue or iron-on tape are your friends here.
  • Throw it on: Breathe new life into a beat-up armchair or sofa with a cozy throw blanket. Look for clearance sales or knit your own for a personal touch.
  • Rug refresh: Don’t have the budget for that dream rug? Layer smaller, affordable rugs for a patterned effect, or stencil a border onto a plain one for a custom look.

3. Gallery Wall on a Dime

  • Free printables: Tons of websites offer gorgeous artwork available for free download. Print your favorites on quality paper and frame them for instant impact.
  • Mismatched magic: Mix thrift store frames in different sizes and finishes. Paint them all one color for cohesion or embrace the eclectic look!
  • Kid’s art elevated: Don’t hide the masterpieces in a drawer! Frame your kiddo’s colorful drawings for a unique (and sentimental) gallery that costs nothing.

4. Green Up Your Space

  • Propagation station: Multiply your favorite houseplants! Snip a healthy stem, place it in water, and watch roots sprout. Voila, a new plant for free!
  • Herb garden 2.0: Ditch boring pots! Repurpose mason jars, old teacups, or even painted tin cans for a custom, kitchen-friendly herb garden.
  • Macrame magic: Learn a few basic macrame knots and elevate a plain planter with a stylish hanger. Tons of tutorials exist online!

5. Rearrange & Repurpose

  • Shop your own home: Move furniture from one room to another for a fresh perspective, or move art to a different wall. You’ll be surprised by the impact!
  • New life for old stuff: That chipped bowl? Now a plant pot. Old scarves become drawer liners. Baskets that hold clutter become stylish displays on shelves.
  • Embrace the swap: Host a decor swap party with friends! Get rid of things you’re tired of and bring home someone else’s “trash” to transform into your new treasure.

Remember: Don’t be afraid to experiment! And above all, choose things that spark joy for you. That’s what truly makes a home.

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