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25 Interior Door Color Ideas You’ll Want To See

25 Interior Door Color Ideas You’ll Want To See

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Door colors, y’all! If you feel like picking a color is just too big of a commitment or isn’t you, we get it; door colors are almost all over the place! They’re a fantastic way to have some fun without going overboard. Create a bit of pizzazz in your foyer, a funky note in the hallway, and more. We’ve spied doors of nearly every hue featured in this lineup, so there’s truly something for everyone.

Interior Door Color Ideas
different colored interior doors

You can opt for jewel tones, which work well with many an interior style. You may go for a classic neutral that will last the test of time. We’re all adults here. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t paint your door hot pink if this color—which makes us think of punchy summer sunsets—brings you joy. Without further ado, read on for 25 of our favorite interior door colors.

1. Ivy Green

Ivy green interior door in a soothing classic style home

Green is having a major moment—truly is anyone surprised with all of the greenery that’s been ever so popular these past few years? The shade feels classic and soothing and will blend wonderfully with the other colors in your home.

2. Baby Blue

Baby blue interior door, evoking tranquility in a peaceful space

Looking for a color that’s soft and calming? Soften your space with a sweet baby blue. This shade reminds us of clear skies and tranquil seas and will help your space feel well, more peaceful.

3. Slate Blue

Slate blue interior door, bold yet neutral, complemented by picture frames

Here’s another blue we love: it’s a bit bolder yet still subdued and could easily act as a neutral. Draw the color into your space in the form of picture frames, plant pots, and more.

4. Ocean Blue

Ocean blue interior door in a beach bungalow style house

Turn your house into a beach bungalow by bringing this pretty ocean blue into your house. It’s bold enough to add character but isn’t screaming for attention.

5. Royal Blue

Royal blue interior door adding traditional flair to a space

Add a royal touch to your space with a deep blue hue like this one. It would look wonderful in a space with traditional flair.

6. Periwinkle

Periwinkle interior door in a creative home office or nursery

Get playful with a pastel! Periwinkle is just bold enough to make a statement without overpowering your space. It would look fabulous in a creative space, think a home office or nursery.

7. Teal

Teal interior door in a boho-style home with tan and orange accents

Teal is everywhere these days, and for good reason. It pops so beautifully and is an instant energizer. Tans and oranges are particularly complementary of the color, making it a great pick for homes that embrace a boho look.

8. Sage Green

Sage green interior door in a kitchen or bathroom for a cohesive look

Sage green is another color that’s a major player; it’s likely that you’ve seen plenty of kitchens and bathrooms featuring the soft hue. You can easily add it to other parts of your home for cohesion.

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9. Dark Green

Dark green interior door, dramatic with velvet and metallic accents

Want to go even bolder with your green? Embrace a deep forest green that oozes drama. Pair the hue with luxe looking velvets and metallics to really up the glamour.

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10. Blush Pink

Blush pink interior door adding vintage glam to a girly space

Calling all girly girls; you can embrace your love of ballet pink at any age. Add a bit of vintage glam to your space with a touch of pink.

11. Brick Red

Brick red interior door paired with black and white for a graphic look

Many people shy away from red in home decor, but when used thoughtfully, it’s a fantastic way to add energy and excitement to your space. Try pairing it with touches of black and white for a graphic look.

12. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow interior door, '70s vibe with orange and red tones

Keep the sunshine around all year long by bringing a bit of mustard into your home. Pair it with warm tones like orange and red for a true ’70s vibe.

13. Bright Yellow

Bright yellow interior door, reminiscent of sunflower and summer days

Prefer a more traditional yellow instead? Go for it. Bring in a bright sunflower hue to transport your back to carefree summer days.

14. Black

Black interior door, sleek and farmhouse chic with rustic woods

Black is making a major comeback in interiors of late. You literally cannot go wrong with this classic hue. It’s sleek yet can also appear fully farmhouse chic when paired with rustic woods.

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15. Grey

Light grey interior door, soft and comforting, spacious feel

You also can’t go wrong with grey, which comes in so many variations. Light grey is soft and comforting and will help make your space look light and spacious.

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16. White

Simple white interior door, versatile for bold or bright color schemes

Of course, simple white is always an option, too. It’s incredibly versatile and allows you to go as bold or bright with the other colors in your space as you’d like.

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17. Beige

Warm beige interior door, inviting and versatile for frequent decor changes

A warm beige will add an inviting look to your home. Plus, it pairs well with just about every color under the sun, making it a smart pick if you like to switch up your decor frequently.

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18. Turquoise

Bright turquoise interior door, bold and fun, statement-making

Want to make a major statement? Go bold with a bright turquoise. This color is all about having loads of fun and isn’t for the design shy.

19. Purple

Purple interior door in a bohemian room, dynamic with sage green

Embrace your bohemian side and paint the door to your secondhand find room a pretty purple. Sage green is just across the way, making the two colors a dynamic duo.

20. Lavender

Soothing lavender interior door for a calming energy space

Not keen on bright purple? Go for a soothing lavender instead. This shade is extra calming and will help tamp down any energy in a space.

21. Orange

Bold orange interior door, bringing sunset vibes indoors

Bring the sunset indoors with a bold orange. If you crave some pep in your step every time you walk through the door, this happy hue is for you.

22. Rust

Earthy rust-colored interior door, trendy and fashionable

Prefer an orange that’s a bit earthier? Go for a pretty rust. This color is all the rage in the fashion world right now.

23. Cream

Classic cream interior door, simple and comforting in design

If all of these colors are somewhat stressing you out, you can’t go wrong with a classic cream. It’s comforting in its simplicity.

24. Taupe

Taupe interior door, interesting yet not attention-seeking

Taupe is another no-fail neutral, too. It’s really a win-win; it keeps things interesting, yet isn’t competing for attention.

25. Maroon

Maroon interior door, regal and deep twist on classic red

Go for a deep twist on classic red with a maroon hue. As you can see, red isn’t all candy canes and valentine’s day hearts. Honor the color’s regal side. Ruby looking sculptures and accents will look fabulous in a maroon clad space. Or, you can make like England and pair the color with sage green.

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