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About Roomy Retreat

Who We Are

Roomy Retreat began as a passion project in the picturesque town of Vejle, Denmark. Founded by Benjamin Reinke, a digital media and design enthusiast from Aarhus University, Roomy Retreat was born out of a desire to merge the world of modern living with the charm and simplicity of Scandinavian design. Since its inception, Roomy Retreat has been a source of inspiration and practical advice for those seeking to enhance their living spaces and lifestyle.

Our Mission

At Roomy Retreat, we are dedicated to bringing our readers innovative ideas and practical solutions for modern living. We believe in the power of design to transform spaces and lives, and we strive to showcase the best in European design trends, sustainable living, and smart home solutions. Our mission is to help you create a home that is not just a place to live, but a reflection of your personal style and values.

What We Offer

Roomy Retreat provides a wealth of information on various aspects of home and lifestyle. From insightful articles on interior decorating and home improvement to tips on organizing and cleaning, we cover a broad spectrum of topics. Our content is enriched by Benjamin’s expertise in digital design and his passion for sustainable living practices.

While we may not have a century-old legacy like some brands, our commitment to quality content and innovative ideas has garnered us a loyal following. We are continually expanding our reach through various digital platforms, engaging with our readers through our website, social media, and newsletters.

Our Growth and Community

From its humble beginnings, Roomy Retreat has grown into a trusted source of information and inspiration. We take pride in our responsive community of readers who share our passion for modern, sustainable living. Our journey is not marked by the number of subscribers, but by the quality of connections we make and the impact we have on our readers’ lives.

Editorial Policy

At Roomy Retreat, our mission is to deliver content that stands for accuracy, authenticity, and engagement. Our editorial content is crafted with independence and integrity, free from any influence by advertisers or commercial interests. We take pride in sourcing our stories from experts in various fields, ensuring that every piece of information we provide is reliable and credible.

Our content encompasses a diverse range of formats, including insightful articles, captivating photos, informative graphics, immersive audio and video content, engaging blogs, and valuable user-generated content (UGC). We also include helpful links that enhance the depth and breadth of our coverage.

At the core of Roomy Retreat’s philosophy is a commitment to human-centric content. We firmly believe in the power of human creativity and intelligence in content creation. In keeping with this belief, we refrain from using AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing tools, such as ChatGPT, for automatically generating content. We uphold the principle that the best, most relatable, and most trustworthy content comes from human experience, expertise, and insight.

We understand the importance of balancing various perspectives and voices in our content. This commitment to balance ensures that our readers receive a well-rounded view of any subject we cover. Roomy Retreat is dedicated to providing high-quality content that not only informs and inspires but also respects and reflects the diverse interests of our audience.


Content Integrity

At Roomy Retreat, we hold a steadfast commitment to the quality and trustworthiness of our content. Our editorial process is driven by a dedicated team of writers, editors, and photographers who engage in meticulous research and review. This ongoing scrutiny ensures that our content remains current, accurate, and, most importantly, serves the interests and needs of our readers.

We take great pride in producing original content. Our internal teams of creatives and specialists work collaboratively with experts across various fields. This collaborative effort results in a diverse range of illustrations, graphics, images, and videos that reflect a multitude of voices, perspectives, and contexts. Our content is designed to be as inclusive and representative as possible.

To maintain the highest standards of quality and accuracy, we have established a rigorous review process. This includes regular assessments by our editorial team and consultations with Anti-Bias Review Board members or other relevant experts. This process ensures that our content not only meets but exceeds industry standards.

We believe in the integrity of our visuals as much as our written content. Our photos and videos are carefully curated and presented in their authentic form, without misleading edits or alterations.

Transparency is key to our operation. We acknowledge the possibility of human error and have instituted a straightforward process for correcting factual inaccuracies. We encourage and appreciate our readers’ involvement in this process. If you spot an error or have concerns about our content, we invite you to bring it to our attention.

Fact Checking

At Roomy Retreat, we understand the significance of accuracy and authenticity in our content. That’s why we have established a dedicated fact-checking team, integral to our editorial process. Each member of our fact-checking team is meticulously selected for their proficiency in research, commitment to journalistic integrity, attention to detail, and expertise in specific subject matters. They rigorously verify every statement of fact, statistic, and data point using credible sources, ensuring the information we provide is not only current but also accurate.

Product Testing

In our quest to help you create a home that resonates with joy and functionality, the Roomy Retreat team is always exploring the latest products and brands. Whether it’s delving deep into the internet for the best deals, rigorously testing new items in our testing facilities, or sourcing expert advice for top home products, our editors thoughtfully select each recommended product.

Our approach to product reviews is grounded in honesty and transparency. We celebrate the strengths of the products we feature, but we don’t shy away from pointing out areas where they could improve. While we independently purchase most of the products we test, there are occasions where we receive items for free for testing or sampling purposes. However, our editorial integrity remains uncompromised: we never guarantee positive reviews in exchange for free products. Our reviews are formed based on thorough testing and evaluation.

Please note that some of our content includes affiliate links, and we may earn a commission on purchases made through these links. This does not influence our editorial decisions; our priority is always to recommend products we truly believe in.

Terms and Conditions

Roomy Retreat is independently owned and operated. Your access to and use of our website and its contents are governed by our Terms and Conditions. These terms outline the legal use of our site, the rights and responsibilities of our users, and our own commitments to you.

Read our Terms and Conditions.

Privacy Policy

At Roomy Retreat, we deeply value your privacy and are committed to protecting it. We may collect personal information from you if you choose to provide it, and we also gather certain information automatically when you visit our site. This can include using tools like cookies, web beacons, and other similar technologies. The information collected is used to enhance your experience on our site, respond to your inquiries, and offer content and promotions tailored to your interests and online activities.

Read our complete Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

We love to hear from our readers. Whether you have feedback, need assistance, or wish to share an idea, we are here to listen. You can reach out to us via email at the e-mails below, and we will be more than happy to engage with you.

For those who prefer traditional mail, you can send your letters to: Roomy Retreat, Ydunsgade 5, 1. TH, Vejle 7100, Denmark.

Join Our Journey

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