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Benjamin Reinke

Title: Founder and Chief Editor, Roomy Retreat
Education: Aarhus University
Location: Vejle, Denmark
Expertise: Digital Publishing, Home & Lifestyle Innovation, European Design Trends

Benjamin Reinke is the Founder and Chief Editor at Roomy Retreat, where he brings a fresh perspective to home and lifestyle content, focusing on innovative ideas and European design trends.

Benjamin Reinke and Emma


  • Over a decade of experience in digital publishing and home lifestyle content creation.
  • Master’s degree in Digital Media & Design.
  • Passionate about sustainable living and modern European design.
  • Extensive experience in online content strategy and digital marketing.


Benjamin Reinke is the driving force behind Roomy Retreat. With a background in digital media and a keen eye for design, Benjamin combines his passion for aesthetics with functional living. His expertise lies in identifying and showcasing cutting-edge home design trends, sustainable living ideas, and smart home innovations.

A strong believer in the power of digital media, Benjamin has transformed Roomy Retreat into a go-to online destination for those seeking inspiration and practical advice for modern living. He is known for his insightful editorials, in-depth reviews, and engaging multimedia content.

In addition to managing Roomy Retreat, Benjamin is actively involved in the digital marketing sphere, providing consultancy services to various brands and businesses in home and lifestyle sectors.


Benjamin completed his Master’s in Digital Media & Design from Aarhus University, where he honed his skills in digital content creation and marketing. His academic journey also included a focus on sustainable design practices, reflecting his commitment to environmentally conscious living.

Personal Life

Benjamin resides in Vejle, Denmark, with his girlfriend, whom he adores. Together, they enjoy exploring the Scandinavian lifestyle, experimenting with minimalist design, and contributing to local community initiatives. Benjamin’s personal experiences often influence the content on Roomy Retreat, bringing a genuine and relatable perspective to his audience.